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Rich Manley was born June 16th 1986 in Concord Massachusetts and was raised in Stow MA. As a youth, Rich was artistic, dramatic, an aspireing magician and an avid writer. He was always dressing up and “creating” characters and situations, along with headaches, around the house. At the age of thirteen, Rich started training in Kenpo Karate and received his Black Belt in four years along with teaching status at his school. After his initial exposure to martial arts through action flicks, he developed a strong drive to entertain and perform his skills for the public. Rich traveled to New York City to train in the styles of Wing Chun Kung Fu, Shaolin Kung Fu, and a variety of weapons work under the tutelage of the Shaolin Monks. Rich was hungry to be the best he could be, and test the spirit and limits of his own body, a philosophy he has adopted from his studies of Buddhist, Eastern, and Western Philosophy. He received  black belts in both styles of kung fu.

Rich continued his travels, at nineteen, to Los Angeles to compete, attaining the title from a reality show he was on called K-Star as “one of the top sixty best young martial arts performers in North America”.

Rich went to College at Radford University in Virginia for Acting/media studies and sports studies, focusing on martial arts. After College, Rich again traveled to Los Angeles  as part of a film crew for a reality show pilot called “Stars, Stunts, Action”. It was through this experience that Rich met and trained with esteemed professional stuntmen, fight choreographers, and coaches. One such notable in the martial arts scene was Anthony DeLongis, trainer to Harrison Ford in Bullwhip, actor and combatant against Jet Li in “Fearless”, trainer to Michelle Phiffer in Batman, and actor in the series “McGiver”, “Highlander”, “Star Trek”, and “Fringe”. Rich and Anthony became fast friends who continue to train together to this day.

Rich played Danny in the 20th Century Fox/Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz blockbuster “Knight and Day”. He has been in the comedy “Boyband” starring Robert Hoffman and Micheal Copon, and has appeared in numerous other films.

Rich currently works as a full time Model, Magician and Actor in the Los Angeles area with representation in both Los Angeles and Boston. He is also a published writer, his first book titled "Acre Beyond The Rye" and has written the script adaptation which is currently in development to be made into a full length feature film. He is also a member of the esteemed "Magic Castle" in Hollywood.

Rich enjoys writing, Martial Arts,  the drums and the guitar, singing, and performing magic. He believes strongly that everyone should find what makes them the happiest in their life, seize it, hold onto it, never give up, and never look back.



Manager (Los Angeles):

Mirielle Wilson

(818) 451-6081

Midwest Talent Agency

4821 Lankershim Blvd

North Hollywood CA 91601

Theatrical Agent (LA)

Dave Secor

Daniel Hoff Agency


Commercial Agent (LA)

Nancy Luciano

LB Talent Agency

Publicist (LA)

Freddy Krepistman


Representation in Boston:


Boston MA 02116-3105

(617) 536.2639